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Beso Strelx

Fathers name: Bego Lapachi

Mothers name: Kate Gogishvili

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1994

Places of Residence:


Love Story

i met one girl in game online i was always rude to her and she used to get mad at me all the time but days passed i get to know her more and more we had to many fight to each other
and there was a time when we had big fight and she blocked me from facebook but few days after i noticed she unblocked me and i start talking with her again and that time i felt that i had feelings towards her but i didnt wanna say to her coz she was kinda friend to me and i didnt want to hurt her but days passed and i told her she told me that she loved me to she wanted to travel yo uk so she could meet me and hug me so we could show eachother how much we loved eachother but after few weeks we had another fight,,,, days passed and she texted me and told me that shes in the uk and i got so happy i thought i finally got a chance to meet her but she was so mad at me and she didnt want to meet me still days passed talking to eachother
saying sweet and beautiful words to eachother then i asked her to live with me she rejected me few times but finally she accept it so i went to the city that she was staying
and take her from there we both felt so happy so we lived together and day by day our love was getting stronger and stronger but some bitches showed up and start saying bad words about her things that she never was or never will be she was crying all the time and she felt like i never care well i did care but i could not do anything atleast thats what i thought months passed and there was still same stress and crying and i never stand up for her and protected her so one day i told her to go to her country so she could see her parents and make her self happy but she never came back i felt so sad and dead i didnt wanna live without her and thats when i realize that i had to protect her back in past but it was to late i was talking to her all the time she used to say that she loves me so much but she could not come back coz she dont believe me when i told her if she will come back i would protect her
so days passed and she was fighting all the time and thats how we lost eachother
i swear she was my first real life love and i wanted to make it last but it never work out that way even now i love her so much and i m keep waiting for her well it hasn't been so long that she left me just 3 months.

so guys if you love someone that is so special for you and you had fight with em just get up and go to her tell her how much you love her and make her see that you care about her
coz in this sucky life theres only one beautiful thing and that is love do not chase other girls dont be jerk and dont act like one dont ignore person that you love so much and dont take other peoples advice how to move on or forget person that you love coz it will never work out for you but if it did trust me if she will find someone else it will still hurt you

guys love your girl and respect her treat her like shes the only one in the million and never let her go take her hand till the end of the life

i was an idiot thats why i lost my girlfriend :)
End chapter 1