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Batool Zahra

Fathers name: Iftikhar Ali

Mothers name: Rozina Iftikhar

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2000

Places of Residence:

defence, karachi

Brothers/sisters: Jalal Hyder and Sukaina Fatima

Studies: BeaconHouse Discovery Centre Smart School

Profession: Student

The Begining......... The Day I Was Born...

four years after the birth of my brother i was born although my parents were hoping for a son especially my brother but God had other plans and i was born on 21st of January 2000 in Aga Khan Hospital and i was named by my father. my mother says that my brother was a bit sad because he wanted a brother but poor dad, mom and everyone was really happy. my mother says that it was soo cold that she covered me with two or three blankets, she says that i was very naughty that i still am and i use to cry alot. i use to love chocolates that i still do. i was very fair and ofcourse cute. when i was small i was more attached to my mother than my father but now it is comepletely opposite now i m more attached to my father than my mother...
End chapter 1