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Written by neha khan

Ateeb Rizwaan

Fathers name: Rizwan ismail

Mothers name: shazia rizwan

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:

pechs block 6

Studies: in beaconhouse

Profession: student

Ateeb rizwan

"Not every person is to be trusted"
Ateeb Rizwan is a fun loving person,he likes to spend most of his time on computer. He says if he will be given chance to spend all his time somewhere, he will spend it on playing football. Ateeb loves his parents he can never live without them but in case he will be sent abroad for his studies, he will come back as soon as he completes his studies.Ateeb says that he loves his country too,he wants to do something very special for his country and for the people living in this country. He wants to be the shinning star of Pakistan so that Pakistan,s situation improves and be like the developed country example America Japan etc.If Ateeb will be sent abroad for his studies he will choose the country England to go and get Well educated.Ateeb is very strong in his beliefs about his religion if someone will misguide him about his religion, he will be be right on his track and he will never believe and obey on what the person is saying about his religion.

According to Ateeb we should live together and unite our nation for the betterment of our country.
End chapter 1