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Written by Dian Basit

Asad Siddique

Fathers name: Afzal Siddique

Mothers name: Shazia Siddique

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:

D/62 Block 8 Gulshan-Iqbal

Brothers/sisters: Anas Siddique

Profession: Student

Asad Sidiqque

Be nice and humble
Asad Siddique one of the most quietest student in class. He comes to school for being a successful man in future, yes this is what most people wants. His personal happiness in future is to have a successful life with a good job. The messi, the most famous and talented player in soccer inspires him the most of how he plays and wished to become just like him. whenever, he is asked to choose between Uncharted 3 and GTA, he would probably choose Uncharted 3 because of perfect graphics. He doesn't speak a lot in class and this is the quality he likes about himself. Over past these year, he hadn't make any mistake which he regrets until now. He has a strong passionate for animals because he is one of a caring person and has a kind heart, in which he cares about the animals. On weekends he plays PS3 and do social networking. Just imagine, if their were no sports our lives would be little awkward but Asad would play console games if their were no sports. Being a rich person is everyones wish and wants to do something with it and if Asad would be a opulent person he would buy a Lamborghini car.
End chapter 1