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Written by Heba Ahmed

Amina Yehia

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1910

Places of Residence:



This life story is about very great woman who stood alone without husband or any children facing the hard life.
She had grown up in very poor family consist of 3 sons and 5 sisters the father had fishing boot hardly fishing to just feed this big family.

They live in a small house from it you can see the beautiful view of the see especially in the dawn when sun rise and in front of it the mountains like fabulous painter has painted it.
The mother is very kind woman, do her best to keep this house in its best shape.
Although the father and mother are very poor and hardly provide food for their family
they work together in fishing boot and the mother had to leave her children with her big daughter, time pass very slowly and all the children got the education to improve their life except the big daughter, she sacrifices the future of better life to just help her family, so the only option had left to her is to get married but without any education she can't choose the man of her dreams, he was older than her with about 15 years with awful job and barely earn enough money to support the coming marriage life.

While all of these obstacles she accepted the reality to be his wife.
The Big daughter started her new life with optimistic view to change her old life to be better one and do the right things to her children and make them get every thing she couldn't have.
But anther shock she faced, she can't deliver any children because her husband was sterile. That was very depressing and very difficult she couldn't handle it but although she couldn't leave him as she love him, he was the only one care about her, respect her desire, personality and made her the queen of his heart.
Again she satisfied with her destiny and kept going in her life.
Time passed and the work of her husband got bigger and become wealthy man but he didn't leave her or married other woman.
Anther shock faced her he become very ill and his illness increased, they went to many hospitals but his health didn't improve.
Suddenly he died leaving the big daughter face life alone, but because she has great faith in god she accepted her destiny with Full consent.
Although of all these obstacles she never ever feels bad about her life that made her soul very beautiful all people loved her and for that she didn't die alone.

End chapter 1