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Ameer Hamza Khan

Fathers name: Mohammad Naseem Khan

Mothers name: Farah Naseem

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1999

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: none

Studies: Beaconhouse Discovery Centre (DCSS)

Profession: Student

The life Begins...

2 years old in my childhood.
After a year of Naseem and Farah's wedding at Burhani Hospital on Wednesday 29th September 1999 8:20 am god gifted them a child named Ameer Hamza khan who was me, my mother was very happy at the time of my birth and said that day was the best day of my life.Everyone in my house and relatives were happy and visiting hospital to see the new born baby, because I was the first child of my house and my Grandmother Tells everyone not to scold me or harm me because " I was Ladla of my Dadi ".
End chapter 1

Early Years

3 years old in my childhood
In early years of my I was a little naughty and all the time i play with my pets. Since i was 2 years old my uncle bought everyday ice-cream for me and i got cough so my mother hides that from me than i go to my grandmother and then she take out of from fridge and give me to eat. When i was 1 year old i started walking by 2 legs and when i grow up after a year i learn little poems and stated reading Quran.Every Sunday i Go to park with my Uncle or father and buy toys.Then i started school when I was 3.5 years old and studied nursery, prep 1 and prep 2.Then my originally school days started and i had friends, when i became 7 years old i Finished my Quran and all my relatives came to my house to wish and my parents and gave a lot of gifts and that day my mom make my favorite dishes and i gave a suit and sweets to my qari Sahib.After a year i fasted first time in the month of Ramadan and I also sit in the buggy with my cousins and friends, that was the best day of my life .
End chapter 2