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Ameen Habib

Fathers name: Iqbal Khamisa

Mothers name: Haleema Iqbal

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1980

Places of Residence:

Pakistan, Holland, South Africa

Brothers/sisters: Mubeen Khamisa, Abdul Hamid Khamisa

Studies: Matric Pass

Profession: Textile Designer

A Boy With A Passion For Art

Born to a middle-class family, Ameen Habib's childhood was not what a child usually dreams of.
He was born on 11 December 1980 in Karachi, Pakistan. His father had two jobs which didn't last long so when Ameen was 12 years old, he had to start working to feed the family. The job he found was to make broomsticks and to sell them. It was tough for him at first but he got used to it when he worked approximately 6 hours a day. After spending 6 dreadful hours in work, he had to come home and work help his mother with her house chores, so he wasn't really left with study time.
Because of his unsteady family situations, every member of his family had to work for their own living and Ameen was forced to choose textile as his career. He started the career just taking it as temporary, but then as he spent more time with it, he grew to love it. Since then his mind and body, both, were passionately working for home textiles. All throughout out these situations, his father was the only one who only supported him and encouraged him in many influential ways.
He went to a primary school, where he enjoyed the art class the most. He was also praised a lot by his teachers as well as by the students for his art skills. That developed his confidence and he drew himself to art since then.
Because of his tough family situations, and a lot of work, he was not able to attempt the secondary school properly, no matter how much he wanted to. However, during the days he was present, he somehow manage to cope up with his studies, and especially art,and soon started scoring the highest in his art class. That developed his passion and he very much wanted to develop his career in art and become a famous artist one day. But, unfortunately there wasnt a pinch of this oppertunity, as he knew that all his life he would have to work feeding his family and supporting the whole time. But what he didnt know was that he had a room in the future, where he'll get to fullfill his dream.
He managed to attempt his College but because of too many jobs he had to do on one day, he became a drop out. But still, during his jobs, he never gave up hope and stayed well and happy, which is one of the positive points he has.
Being a drop out from College, there wasn't even a bit of chance for him to go to the University. So he worked, worked and worked, all day long. But one day, a visit from a man changed his life forver.

End chapter 1

A Life Time Opportunity

One day, while Ameen was in his house, helping his mother, a stranger visited him. At first, Ameen didn't let him in, thinking he was another sales man, trying to sell his product, but after a long disagreement he finally let him in. He brought along a good news with him. He had recently visited his school and had fallen in love with his art. So he wanted Ameen to work in his textile office on a high post, just after the senior head. This, was an only once in a lifetime opportunity for Ameen. He very much wanted to accept the post. It was not difficult for him to convince his parents as they wanted Ameen to take it more than anyone else, for two reasons. They were urgently in need for money, because of unexpected poverty of their family, and his parents wanted him to full fill his dream and live a better life than them. So straightaway, Ameen packed his stuffs, said goodbye to his family and followed the man to his office. It was quite far from where Ameen lived so he had brought along his belongings so he can stay somewhere near there. So the following day he got his post and started to work straightaway. It was a lot tough at first for the little boy to handle every matter of the office, and so many times he wished to go back to his hometown and continue working with his mom. But as time passed, it brought in many changes in him. He became mature, independent and responsible, which helped him a lot in his future. He had had many barriers in his life which halted him from achieving his goal. And the worst part was that, that he did not had anyone to share his problems with. He was living apart from his family and had no such true friends, neither a neighbour. But he stayed strong, and his strong personality never let him down even through the toughest times. Many times, during his job he had failed, and had been fooled by people who took an extra advantage of him just because he agreed to help them, thinking he is a fool. That made him upset, but still he tried not to let the others mistakes get into his way.
End chapter 2

An Owner Of The Textile

Ameen Habib soon got married to a lady, and had two children, Zainab and Zoha. Having a family was his wish, and he soon got it. Now he didn't need to spend his life all alone in sorrow, and their company would make him joy full every time he came across any difficulties. After their marriage, he decided to start his own business. So he left his job and moved to a new office, which he started by hiring 4-5 employees at first. Then gradually his hard work allowed more space and gradually he hired more employees and in no time he had his own business. After being success full in getting his own business, he did had many peoples who acted as barriers for him. He had been fooled by people's fake kindness on their face, and had trusted them blindfolded. He regret it his whole life and doesn't wants the children after him to make the same mistake as that mistake has made his life miserable. But a strong support from his family had made it able for him to go through all this.
His short-temper has also made it difficult for him to work and co-operate with his employees, because of usual disagreements on different matters of work.
But now, after all this, he has no complaints and is perfectly happy with what he is today, with his family, his career and his textile business.
End chapter 3

A Hero

Ameen Habib's life has been an influential effect to the youngsters as they can learn from the struggles he had gone through since his childhood to his adulthood. Although he used to be a middle-class child, his life had become tough, making them poor. It didnt turn out as a fairytale, as it usually is. He had suffered the pain and difficulties but never lose hope and kept working hard for his successful future. And now he is, successful and quite rich, living a peaceful life with his beloved and supportive family.

Hero is not a Superman, Batman, or a Wonder Woman, he is someone who has done something brave, new or good, and who is therefore greatly admired by a lot of people. He is not a celebrity, who are famous especially in areas of entertainment such as films, music, writing, or sport. To be a hero doesnt means we have to be famous, we can be a hero to aomeone even without being famous. Hero is someone who is influential to you and who supports you throughout your sufferings and srom who you have learnt a lot about ways of living a fruitful life.
Ameen Habib is one of our heroes. By reading about his life we learnt several lesons including the ones he had taught us directly so we dont make the mistake he made and end up having a difficult life, and tr a lot harder to live a fortunate and prosperous life.
End chapter 4