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Aliza Siddiqui

Fathers name: Khawar Siddiqui

Mothers name: Ameena Siddiqui

Country of Birth:

United Kingdom

Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:

238/2 khy-e-Iqbal phase 8

Brothers/sisters: Two brothers Mobeen and Wahab

Studies: I was in British International school and now I'am in Beacon house .

Profession: Student

when i was born

We used to live in England with my grandfather and grandmother. Not in a joint -family. I was born on Saturday ,10th of October 1998 at St Thomas hospital. My weight was 4.3kg only. I was born after 4 years of my elder brother Mobeen. When I was born so my grandfather(Bashir Ahmed ) was really, really happy because he always want a daughter in his home. My mother said" he used to call me ' gorya' and still does". My said that' every one was really happy when I was born because I was first girl in my family. My mother suggested name 'Aliza' to the family. My father said that" you were really naughty and use break my elder brother ( Mobeen) toys and after some months he stopped to share his toys with me.

End chapter 1

In my childhood

My mother told me' the first word you said was Dada'. I started to talk when was 1.5 years old. I started to walk at the age of 1 years. I was really naughty. My mother said' you never want your hair to be chop down. You never shared your toys with anyone even with your siblings. You used to hate when anyone even touches your toys. Your favorite past time was drawing and coloring'. Our house was big with 5 bedroom's , 2 kitchens, 2 sitting area,1 drawing room and huge windows. My favorite toy was a rattle with a bear stick to it. It was pink in color with small colorful balls inside it. I got fracture in my left hand at the age of 6. My first school was 'junior woodland school'. my first best friend was aroma ,she was really kind and i had shared many secrets with her. I use to eat margarine a lot. The biggest trouble was when i smashed my mothers lipstick on the mirror, but still i didn't got scolded. My mother said 'you used to stay with me because you feel safe with me'. I was attached to my mother.-
When I was a toddler, at that time I used to do whatever my mother use to say but now as I have grown older I always do what I like. Usually I never listen to my mother. My parents had a really good relationship with me and they still have. My cousin urooj said that" you were really naughty and use to cry when ever I pick you up, and because of you I have got into troubles many times'.
End chapter 2

School life

My first school was "Junior woodland school". My favorite teacher was Miss Genalia. She used to teach us English in class 2. My school was really big with a huge play ground. We used to play games every day not once in a week. My first school had classes from play group till 1. My first day was fine because I cried a lot on that day, but still my mother left me all alone at the school. My teacher was really kind and her name was Miss Roldah. she never use to teach us because in play group children never study, they only play. Then my School was changed, my new school was british international school. My journey during this school was fine because I had no friends, my teacher was very rude she always used to give me less marks in arthematics. Then I studied there till class 5, then we shifed to pakistan. My first school in Pakistan( Karachi ) was beacon house school system gulshan middle branch. I studied there till class 6 then we shifed to defence, here my first school is discovery centre smart school, I have studied here for two years and this is my second and last year in this school. In this school my favourite teacher is miss hira because she is just like our friend although she is our teacher.
End chapter 3

Future hopes n dreams

When we shifted from England to Pakistan, the envoirment here was really different for me, it took me 1 year to settle down and under stand the educational standards here. When I went to the school, the behavior of my class fellows was very different with me, I dont know why. They were a kind of jelous of me because i was not from their country. Still in this new branch some people are jelous from me they think that I am show off, the english they use here is totally different from that we use there, that's why they think that i am lieing.
I am still confused between the teaching here and there, because in this school they say that they teach us according to british educational standards but as I know there is a great difference between the educational standards here and in England.

I wish I could stay in this school for more years because I know that I would not such friendly teachers any where else.
I want to become a doctor because I love biology. I want to open my own hospital with free operations for poor people and I also want to open a school with free education and shelter for poor kids. I am sure that my parent would support me in my journey of achieving my goal. I want people to remember me as a great Doctor and a social worker.

End chapter 4