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Ali D

Fathers name: Jim D

Mothers name: Becky D

Country of Birth:

United States

Year of birth: 1993

Places of Residence:

Webster, NY - Rochester, NY - Gates, NY

Brothers/sisters: Jay D

Studies: Web Design

My Dysfunctional Childhood

My name is Ali. I was born August 12th, 1993 (making me a Leo. Yes, I'm really into my zodiac sign.) in Webster, NY. My younger years were kind of a blur.. it wasn't until my parents got divorced when I was 2 that my life started changing slowly yet drastically at the same time. After all the tragic things with the courts and fighting that my parents did a good job of keeping away from me and my brother, the weekend visits began. This is when I started to hate my life. My dad got remarried, and she was the spawn of satan. I know what you're thinking.. "all kids hate their step parents" but that's not the case, I've gotten along with a few of my moms different boyfriends and there's more to the story than just that. My fathers wife (Kelly) is a very jealous individual and always felt like she needed to compete to win my fathers attention when I would visit. She'd do everything and anything she could to keep him away from me and steal his attention or to work herself into the alone time I very much craved from my father. My brother, of course, was always stronger than me when it came to that.. but I've got feelings that I'm very in touch with.. and neither my dad or his wife understand how much the lack of attention and the fight for competition scarred me my entire life. Little did I know, it would then provoke me to feel the need to be in relationships with guys that I constantly needed to prove myself to and craved approval and need them to almost, in a fucked up sense, "parent" me the way my father couldn't because of his blindness with his new wife.

My mom tried everything she could to make my father a good man for her kids, but there was only so much she could do. She tried her whole life to protect us from the pain he was causing.. like the fact that he had money for a brand new house that he had built from the ground up, a new truck every few months, a nice renovated back deck with a hot tub and speakers outside so he could 'hear the football game' when it's on, but he could NEVER help me when my car broke down, when I needed help with food because my mom was struggling to feed two kids alone, or even pay the child support that was agreed between the two. My mom was too nice of a woman to even go fight for that.

Little did I know that this 'small' problem (or so I thought) with my dad was all it took to take my life down the path of destruction including the boy troubles, and picking the wrong group of friends to hangout with growing up. Rebelling was all that was in my forte.
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