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Akshay kumar

Fathers name: Jia ram

Mothers name: Meena kumari

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2000

Places of Residence:

qasimabad, hyderabad

Brothers/sisters: nikhil

Studies: student at discovery center smart school

Profession: not yet

my childhood

After 1 year of my parents marriage i was born in 2000, 31 march and that day was when my family felt really great because i was the first kid born in my family and my family wished a boy and i was born. everyone was so happy and loved me a lot. i still remember about my childhood when i was small my grandmother use to care of me and she said that i was not naughty because i use to be in bed and sleep all time. My father loved me a lot. in my childhood i played with my friends and my best friends were ashish and rahul. i use to go to county cambridge school which had a really big ground and my teacher said that i was good in studies and in every test i use to take 1st or 2nd position.i lived 8 years in hyderabad and then i came to karachi the city of lights .
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