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to parents Written by Abdur Rafay khan

Aimun Khalid

Fathers name: khalid ilyas

Mothers name: noreen khalid

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: waleed khalid

Studies: beaconhouse middle school

Profession: student


''people are not hungry for food.they are hungry for love"--Indra Gandhi
The biography I'am writing on is about my class fellow Aimun Khalid.She is a shy girl who enjoys makeup stuff.Her biggest achievement is that she participated in a play as the main character:snow white.Also,her biggest weakness is that she is too shy and can't express her views.She is inspired by her mother as she cares for her and is her best friend.She wants to be an architect in the future.Also if not an architect, she says that she wants to be a wedding planner because she wants to change the old wedding plans.She has no ideal person.Her favorite sport is Badminton because she is good at it.Her favorite hobbies are listening songs,playing Badminton,chatting with friends and art.The type of books she likes to read are love stories and sometimes informative stories.The memories that are still in her mind,and fresh are participating in the play and winning 3rd position in elocution three times.She doesn't remember her childhood days as she does not care and she wants to focus on the future.Her remarkable contribution is that she donated Rs/-1000 from her pocket money to the flood victims.
End chapter 1