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Ahmed Farooqi

Fathers name: Saeed Farooqi

Mothers name: Chanda Farooqi

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1999

Places of Residence:

clifton block 8

Brothers/sisters: Sadia,Rabia,Sidra

Studies: student at discovery center smart school

Profession: student

The beginning

The Docter shouted its a baby was good news for everyone.all the family members were weights was 7.3 pounds.I was born in Karachi at PNS shifa hospital near clifton.I was born at 6:45 pm on 24 november 1999.The day when the conditions of karachi were very bad and it was raining heavily.My whole family came to see me.I was the last kid of my family.My dada came and he said that Muhammad Ahmed is born.Everyone accepted my name.Every one was happy my sister used to call me little cute smurf at that time.When my mother saw me for First time she became emotional.My dada gave Azan in my ears.MY khala said my mother that the new baby shall spread smiles and warmth in your family, my best wishes are always with you.When people use to see me i use to close my eyes.My sister always asked my mother that when will i wake up.
End chapter 1