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Adelfa Catedrilla

Fathers name: Federico Chiva

Mothers name: Lola Chiva

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1956

Places of Residence:


Profession: Church singer, seamstress

My Chilhood of Innocence

I was born in 1956, in a small town of Lambunao in the Philippines. My mom was a church singer and a seamstress while my dad is a policeman. We have big family, with 6 siblings; 3 boys and 3 girls. It was fun living with a huge family. My mom used to make our clothes and my dad was very strict. The only problem in our family is money, we are one of the poor family in the Philippines, living in the community that don't have source of electricity it was hard but I live through it. I strive hard to finish my school, after I graduated in high school I see to it that I will go to college. I went to the city to follow my dreams, school and part time job is a great combination. I go to school in morning and work in the afternoon until I finished in college and find a job that suits my course.
End chapter 1

The Memorable Events in my life (hardship)

With my children
At 22 I was part of a big company, I was a nutritionist. I need to strive hard for my siblings; I want them to finish too. I was put in the food section, everyday was fun until my boss decided to close the business because of the martial law. Everything change, curfew and dead people are part of everyday news. Finding a job was really hard, until I find a new job, I was hired as cook in a restaurant.
Everyday was fun until the most memorable event in my life occurred. I was on my way home when I was arrested by the military because of curfew, afraid and horrified that was my drama. I was put in jail with few people, it was first time; I cried and cried until no more tears is running in my eyes. I have no one beside me, that was the only time that I felt so alone, my whole family is worried its been days since I send them letters and money. Thankful that after 2 weeks in jail I was free, at last I went back to my job and continue my life.

End chapter 2


I was 26 years old when I met my husband, we where born in the same city and raised in different ways. He was one of the bad boys in my time while I was one of the church buddies. He was also graduated in the same school in the city.

My mom and dad never wanted as to get married until we reached 30. So I waited 4 more years to tell them that I'm getting married. We secretly married when I was 27; it took me a long time before I said everything to my family. I had my first child at 28, a bouncing baby girl. She is like a little flower waiting to be bloomed. My husband is a seaman so we needed to be away with each other for 10 months, sometimes I felt lonely because his not with me in Christmas or Birthdays. It's been 4 years since we decided to have a child again, it was a baby boy.

End chapter 3

My Gradson Miguel and me..
After so many years I finally realize that I'm getting old when my little girl graduated in college and my baby boy is graduating this year. Most of the time I asked God to follow us around and give us the guidance that we needed.

I'm now a grandmother of a baby boy and a loving wife. I will continue to serve my family until the day I die. The everlasting love for my family will continue...

End chapter 4