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Abeer Fatima

Fathers name: Zahid Ullah Ghumman

Mothers name: Irfana Zahid

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2000

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Minahil, Shais and Musayyab

Profession: Student

A Gift of God!

It all begun on 22nd may 2000, it was 12:00pm. Irfana Zahid & Zahid Ullah Ghumman already had a daughter (Minahil Fatima) & a son (Muhammad Shais Ghumman) but on that day another person came entered their life me . My mother named me Abeer, I was the ladli of my parents & family but after 3 years God blessed my parents with another son (Muhammad Musayyab) & then sadly he got to be the Mr.Ladla.
my mother is a housewife & my father worked in Shell on a senior post regional manager. I was born in Faisalabad when my father was in Sheikhupura & he traveled from there to see me when he got the news. My khalas used to take so much care of me & my mamoo used to bring candies for me where as my nano used to stitch cloths for me & still does!
End chapter 1

Early childhood

I started crawling when I was 5 months old. Once I was crawling & went to the kitchen where my khala was holding a pot full of hot curry, I got tangled in my khala's legs & she accidently dropped some of the curry onto my arm causing it to burn, I still have the marks of it.
I started walking when I was 11 months old. My first school was light house Montessori & I was never good at making friends. My parents once told me: "when you young, Shais used to put a pillow on you & then sit on you, he didn't even let you scream". I only wondered that how jealous were my siblings from me & now I am from the Mr.Ladla.
When the first time I tried making roti, before putting it on stove I accidently slipped & burned my hand once again.
My birthdays were always a big disaster. Once when I was gonna turn 9, it started raining heavily in Sheikhupura & a big sandstorm came. We couldn't even get out to get my birthday cake. I cried a lot but it was not of any use. My sister stated on that day: "without crying, your birthday never gets complete".
End chapter 2