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Abdullah Haleem Mahar

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2002

Places of Residence:

Lahore 280-B, Karachi 142-B, Multan 6.

Brothers/sisters: Marium and Usama

Studies: Physics, Chemistry, Biology. Beaconhouse Legendary Newlands

Profession: Singer

Bulla the Cute

His name is Abdullah Haleem Mahar. He is a very charming, and cute boy who girls die on. He played in the Intra Regional Football Competition in Lahore and scored a goal. Abdullah is not black in colour, but dark brown. He does not know why his friends tease him. He was a student of Grade 9 when he shifted to Karachi, and that is when he met Sairam the last time in a long time. He is an awesome singer as well. Abdullah managed to establish a legendary friendship with Sairam, who is often called Gujjar. THE friendship started when Abdullah smuggled Pepsi in school once. They are legends. They have gone on many adventures together, like Sam and Nathan Drake. The Haleem Don is "VIP" and is called Babu.

"Life is a competition and I must win"
"Bulla ki Jana mein kon?"
"Matlabi, ho ja zara Matlabi"
End chapter 1