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Abdul Aleem

Fathers name: Ubaidullah

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1965

Places of Residence:

Bahria enclave

Brothers/sisters: Abdul haleem,Nasreen Mahar

Studies: Studied at NED,karachi

Profession: Civil engineer

Life story of Abdul Iftikhar Aleem Mahar

Keep working hard and believe in yourself,a village boy to a successful man
He was a young boy,didn't have much facilities.Indeed was a master at Mathematics and wanted to do something amazing in his life,Studied at a local school in rustum(his birth place),sindh.At the age of 11 his father passed away,who was generous man.After this tragedy his older brother(Abdul sattar) went to karachi to make a living for his family.His father had married 3 beautiful and graceful woman,Iftikhar belonged to the second one.She was a very nice person whose hobby was to knit,she loved all her children and made sure they get everything in their life,she managed her household even without her husband,a few years later Iftikhar also lost his beloved mother(RIP)and was now raised by his eldest sister.She loved her siblings like her own children.She managed to give everyone a good education,after getting his degree in Civil Engineering.Iftikhar worked at Wapda which didn't have a sufficient amount of pay.Meanwhile,Iftikhar met the love of his life(Naila Tabassum).She had the best companionship and was Iftikhar's neighbour since childhood.Iftikhar left the job at wapda and made his own businesses company "New Speedway Construction". He got very successful and before leaving the job in 1994 he had his first child(Shaharyar)and in 1995 his second child (Ilsa).In sukkur exactly after 3 years in 1998 he had his third child(Wali).After exactly 4-6 years later he decided to make a building in sindhi muslim society and named it after his first child (shaharyar villas)the building was almost complete and that's when on 6 february 2006 he had a daughter (Mahnoor) as Ilsa's wish for ap sister came true.After Mahnoor's birth he moved into his building and had a perfect life,made memories and was rewarded for his hardwork.In 2011 he had his fifth child(saad).He moved his family to Lahore,Punjab on his wife's wish and then moved back to karachi due to some issues. Ilsa(daughter) got engaged and got 100% scholarship in Ankara(Turkey).His son Shaharyar went to GIK university to get a degree in engineering and meanwhile in 2016 they decided to move to Islamabad but Iftikhar had to stay in karachi because of his business,which wasn't easy but hardwork and dedication paid eventually.Now Iftikhar has a Beautiful house which he constructed in Bahria Enclave.Shaharyar (24 years old) completed his university and now is in Austrailia completing his Masters degree and working hard just like his father,Ilsa(23 years old) is about to finish her university,Wali(20 years old) is in Nust university (third year),Mahnoor(13 years old) is doing O-levels in Beaconhouse,and Saad(8 years old) is in grade 2
End chapter 1