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To All of our 6 Girls Written by John Roark

The Surprise News To our 6 kids about another Baby on the way !

Fathers name: John Roark

Mothers name: Jamie Roark

Country of Birth:

United States

Year of birth: 1969

Places of Residence:

Sparta Tennessee

The Surprise - Baby Surprise (Chapter 2)

Jewel Our Horse
The Surprise for the kids finding out about our 7th child on the way was in the makings.

On the 25th of October, 2009 the setting was perfect. The sky was a blue that is only seen in the Florida Keys.

We were going to ride our horse. Her name is Jewel. And she is a jewel. The girls about 4 years ago rode a variety of horses on a horse farm of about 35 horses at the time.

They rode for about 2 summers. A freind of ours managed the horse farm and Jewel was the most tame horse they had. Jewel almost died having a colt about a year prior.
But Jewel and the colt pulled through. Jewel was 26 years old and that was the last colt she could bear.

Even though Jewel was an older horse she didn't like to not be out front. She use to be a show horse and if a handful of the horses were running she would do her best to be in front.

Jewel is a registered Tennessee walking horse. I don't know if seven hands high is that big for a horse but one of the only times I ever rode jewel I fell off of her.
I got a bucket to stand on, her saddle was in place and I threw my leg off over her that I threw myself over her saddle and flipped on the other side onto the ground.
Jewel just looked at me funny. I rode other horses that weren't quite so tall.

We had known Tracey Walters for about 6 years and he and the owner of the farm surprised us one day and said that if we wanted Jewel we could have her.

Initially we wasn't sure but Tracey assured us that they would do everything they could to make sure our cost was minimal. They gave us a saddle, and all the tack, and Tracey would come to our home initally if Jewel was sick or any problem.

We have had her for about 4 years now.

End chapter 1

The Baby Surprise

Jamie standing with Kids sharing the good news of another baby .
A perfect day to share some wonderful news with the kids.

Only one of our six girls knew that Jamie was pregnaunt. Ashley our oldest.

Our next mini film that we are going to produce on our site www.Knoxville.Fm is

going to be about signing.

I have had some severe problems with losing my voice these last few months that I took

it serious to learn how to finger sign on a trip to Knoxville one day.

I learned the alphabet in one hour. I was surprised it was that easy. Almost as easy

pig latin I joke with others.

So practicing our letters was a perfect setting for breaking of the new news

that Jamie was going to have our 7th child.

I think the footage is about 8 minutes. We finally are signing words like, Seven,

Baby, then finally, I ask them to sign, " what", " is " , " momma " , " having " ,

but it was so long and drawn out that i finally said, " what is momma having, can you

spell , Baby ? " .

Lauren says in the film, after finding out the news, " I'm going to fall off the horse."

So watch our Film that compiments this story.


You've made our day,


We love you Jamie! To the greatest Mom, freind, wife, a family could have, We love you!
And wow if it's twins, that Jamie just feels it might be.
End chapter 2